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Impression Studio rebrands as Show + Tell

5 December 2023
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After almost 15 years of Impression, the end of this year brings some exciting developments for our agency. Following months of work behind the scenes, we’re delighted to share our new brand and identity, Show + Tell.

Throughout 2023 we’ve been looking ahead and mapping out the agency's future. To that end, we’ve invested a lot into our brand positioning, marketing and business development, as well as cementing our senior leadership team and client experience, adding FLOCC to our agency group, and the ongoing evolution of our service offering.

We understand more than ever who we are and what we’re great at, and felt that it was time our brand name and creative had an upgrade to propel us into our fifteenth year in business.

The rebrand marks a significant shift towards offering an all-encompassing suite of services. As Show + Tell, we specialise in digital strategy, website design and build, technical innovation, UX design, brand strategy, and brand design.

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Enter, Show + Tell

The rename and brand transformation was spearheaded by our Head of Design, Jordan Donnelly. It’s a change that has been discussed over the years and, for various reasons, we’ve pushed this project down the priority list until the timing felt right.

Jordan reflects on why now:

“The name Impression served us well since 2009, but as the agency has grown and developed and the services we deliver have progressed, it felt like we’d outgrown the name and we needed something that better represented our offering and what we’re about. Find out more about our new visual identity here.

“Show + Tell does exactly that. Our rebrand signifies a new chapter for us. 'Show + Tell' articulates how we work with brands - by showcasing their unique narratives through innovative strategies, immersive UX, and compelling brand design. It's about bringing brands to life in ways that captivate and resonate.”

'Show + Tell' articulates how we work with brands - by showcasing their unique narratives through innovative strategies, immersive UX, and compelling brand design.
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What’s in a name?

This new name captures the essence of what we do – weaving compelling narratives, delivering branding and design solutions that are far from the norm, and creating leading-edge digital products - all of which truly Show + Tell our clients’ unique stories.

The past couple of years have been transformative for us as a business, with several initiatives that have helped us hone in on our offering. The name Impression no longer reflected the agency and group of people we are, and we believe Show + Tell far better represents us as a collective, along with the services we provide our clients.

The business world is constantly evolving, and so are the behaviours and expectations of customers. The race for their attention and their business is won by those who can best match the relentless pace of change. Show + Tell exists to keep our clients at the head of that race.

CEO and founder, Charlie Hartley, explains further:

“I’m incredibly proud of our growth and success, particularly in the last 2-3 years, and we’ve done a lot of growing up as a business as a result.

We’ve invested a lot of time and resources in the agency in recent years, from our outstanding studio space with its custom fit-out to hiring more brilliant people across the business, including in crucial senior leadership roles.

We now have clear objectives and know intrinsically what we want to be famous for, and I’m confident that the new brand meets the scale of our ambitions and represents us in this new and exciting growth phase.”

All eyes on the future

This year we added Norwich-based agency, FLOCC, to our group, which has helped us further our technical capabilities and add more value to our clients. This investment and enhanced service offering puts us at the forefront of Sanity and React development agencies in the UK and we’re hopeful this will boost our future growth.

We also recently shared our growth plans with the industry press, putting a number on what we’re hoping to achieve over the next couple of years in terms of revenue and the new career opportunities we hope to deliver, too. This story was shared whilst we worked behind the scenes on our new brand and positioning, with our eyes and minds firmly on what we know we can achieve as Show + Tell.

Charlie continues:

“Historically, we've mainly been a digital agency doing web builds and web projects, but over the last couple of years, there has been a move to bigger brand strategy pieces and more complex technical briefs, and we’re already delivering a lot of large-scale projects of this nature, which we want to continue doing. Again, we strongly feel this rebrand helps us on that journey and communicates our skillset effectively.”

2024 will be our 15th year in business, and we want to express our gratitude for the trust and collaboration we’ve had with our clients. This year has been our most successful ever and we’re so proud of the projects we’ve delivered and how our agency continues to grow and thrive.

Show + Tell is a celebration of the partnerships we've built, and we look forward to many more years of creating together.

As you can see, our rebrand includes a transformed website and a new visual identity that embodies the agency’s comprehensive approach to creative and technical excellence. Take a closer look around the site, check out our Portfolio and let us know what you think!!