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Embracing Change: An Introduction to our visual identity

28 November 2023
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Welcome to our new brand and identity, Show + Tell is a brand first digital agency, who work with brands to elevate themselves digitally, through the art of visual creativity, storytelling and technical excellence.

Our new brand firmly situates ourselves between brand, creativity, strategy and digital with a bold new name and visual identity that lets the work do the talking.

With a clear focus on our sectors, we have allowed ourselves to really pinpoint what makes us different, and define our value to our clients.

Over the last 14 years we have evolved as an agency and our rebrand signifies a new chapter for us. 'Show + Tell' articulates how we work with brands — by showcasing their unique narratives through innovative strategies, immersive UX, and compelling brand design. It's about bringing brands to life in ways that captivate and resonate.

Our name

We believe in the transformative power of showcasing and storytelling. Our mission is to be the creative catalyst that enables brands to shine through captivating narratives and visually stunning designs. Just as 'Show' represents our dedication to presenting your brand's unique story, 'Tell' signifies our commitment to communicating it effectively in the digital world.

We strive to redefine brand identities, fuel digital innovation, and empower our clients to become unforgettable stories in their industries. Through the art of 'Show + Tell,' we craft remarkable brand & digital experiences that inspire, engage, and leave a lasting impact on audiences.

The agency’s journey over the last 14 years culminates in a redefined identity that not only mirrors its evolution but signals a commitment to being at the forefront of digital innovation

The Logo

The simple word mark allows us to scale, and has been engineered to allow us to maintain a memorable clarity throughout our brand. The simple stylisation of the ‘&’ as a ‘+’ solidifies our commitment to digital.

Keeping it simple in it’s execution, we only ever present a horizontal lockup, there’s sufficient kerning on either side of the ‘+’ to keep things comfortable as we scale down.

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The Brand

 We combine the Weltkern’s Everett Light typeface with IvyPresto display as our primary typefaces, the combination of these adds an elegance to clarity and allows us to highlight key words, and adds emphasis to headlines. Everett is a typeface engineered for clarity and can be used as headlines or body, and due to the unique letterforms allows to maintain brand character throughout, whilst using IvyPresto as a prestige alternative we can combine these two to create a unique visual.

Our core colour palette remains streamlined, leading with white and black, with the use of a core brand blue as a brand highlight.


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The Website

Our new website was designed with a clear focus to coherently communicate our offering without jargon or decoration. Embracing a minimal approach allowed us to design with a clear goal in mind. A simple grid structure allows content to flow seamlessly, whilst using simple oversized section headings and headlines to be bold and straight to the point.

Micro-interactions guide the user, utilising forced scroll and marquee text to add emphasis, and elegant hover states enhance the experience on laptop and desktop devices.

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Our brand utilises motion to elevate ourselves, primarily with the use of marquee headlines that is used through our website and digital platforms.

We have a bank of 3D assets that are used throughout many channels and touchpoints, with a chromatic 3D representation of our ‘+’ mark.

In crafting our motion design guidelines, we prioritise a dynamic and energetic approach to visual storytelling. While we don't impose strict rules, we encourage the use of lively and frenetic motion to captivate and engage our audience. White space, in particular, holds a pivotal role in our creative process, allowing motion to breathe and content to shine.

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This isn’t just a facelift; it's a strategic transformation. Show + Tell doesn't just provide digital solutions; it crafts digital experiences that leave an indelible mark. The agency’s journey over the last 14 years culminates in a redefined identity that not only mirrors its evolution but signals a commitment to being at the forefront of digital innovation, pushing boundaries, and creating digital narratives that resonate and endure.