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2012 website designs inspiration

19 February 2012
Image showcasing the Harvey Nichols sale to represent the design Impression did
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The Show+Tell studio are a little divided about this blog post. Some hate these types of posts, others agree with bits of the post and others would like to see other sites showcased in the post. However, can never keep everyone happy and sure the same goes for our readers! In the creative industry everyone has their own opinion and that's part of the reason it's such a great industry to be part of.

Below we've simply showcased some website designs that we like for one reason or another! We hope we enjoy the read and we'll soon be getting started on a similar post on inspiration for mobile website design and App design so watch this space!


Harvey Nichols

We love new Harvey Nichols website which was launched last year. Beautiful home page and a really well designed shopping area however they have recently changed the home page design to a more conventional design which is a shame.



Raf Simons

We've followed the Raf Simons brand for a while now and we love their latest website with the background backdrop a series of rotating videos. Would be nice to turn the annoying music off though - bet they have a higher bounce rate because of that!



Salvatore Ferragamo

While this site has a stunning design, the beauty is in the outfit builder from pod1 which works like a treat! Take it for a spin...




The Famous 4th Street Cookie:

This really is a tasty design and makes you hungry just looking at it! We love this design because of its typography and the visual element to it really help to sell the brand and the products they're selling! We've got to put an order in for the office - delivery to the UK might be fairly pricey!



Carls Restaurant:

The visual impact of this site just sells the place. After looking at the site, it just makes you want to go and sample the food and cocktails which just look out of this world.

The site oozes personality and it's the visual element that gives aids this. Apart from the obvious visual impact, the site's simple and has a lovely 3D effect nav bar. Going to have to check out how much flights are to Oslo to see this place!





We love the Australian version of the Billabong website and again mainly down to the visual impact and we like the "Life's better in board shorts" campaign and how the interacted that with Billabong customers and fans.



Immersive Garden:

We've followed the website of Immersive Gardens for a while now and we love the the interactivity of the site and its stunning flash element... words aren't enough, check it out for yourself and enjoy!



Trinity One:

Being a company proud of its Yorkshire routes and with a major development in Leeds City Centre taking place; we wanted to give this site a mention. We've seen better but it's got a nice visual home page and we like the brand.



Vector Photography:

We first came across Vector Photography just through the industry that we're in and we've since become good friends with the company. In many projects that require photography we often work in partnership with Vector as their work is pure class. However, this blog post is not about mentioning friends - their site has and should have a huge visual impact being in the photography industry. Check it out...



Your Marquee:

The Marquee industry is not exactly know as being the forefront of digital marketing to say the least but Your Marquee have certainly embraced the digital age.

Stunning website design... again a Yorkshire company!



Your Marquee v2:


Sophie Likes:

This site oozes character and we love how the navigation design is influenced by the image on the about us page. Yorkshire company again!



EBFT Photography:

A website that is dedicated to the work and travels of a passionate photographer egged on by friends to start selling it online. We love it when a website is 'all about the work' as long as the word it top notch - why should the site be anything else. A north west photographer.

URL to follow:


Baytree Pub & Restaurant:

A beautiful website. Obviously it's site with background imagery scaling to the full size of the browser but we love the little touches of this site such as the 'menu chalk boards' that are promoted on the home page - character. Again... a Yorkshire company!



Byron Restaurant:

We we've left the north and now giving the south some exposure! Byron Hamburgers are located across our Capital and we love their site's design - bet their burgers are pretty good too!



The Little Cake Parlour:

We love the brand of this site and it works well throughout the site. Every week there seems to be a new cup cake company launching such is the crazy so standing out from the competition is key - we think this site could be improved upon certainly but we do like the brand. Would you agree?





Nice to see a site that it's not geared up to the super size skinny woman as in reality that's not a true reflection on our society's average woman. So we like the products of Desina and what they stand for in their company message. The site has a good design, clean, easy to use and good use of call to actions.



37 East:

A company offering tailor made safari trips to Africa and they use some stunning photography. We love how they made good use of the image scaling the full width of the browser and it looks great in all the main browser sizes.



Easy Bistro:

We'd like to finish on a band and we love this brand and how it flows through the site and in particular it's navigation. Very simple site but it's refreshing!



As always we'd welcome your comments on our posts or feel free to share this post on your social media platforms...

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