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Show + Tell is a full-stack, Yorkshire based Laravel development agency. But what does that mean for you? What is Laravel and why might it be the best choice for your next project?
What is Laravel?
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What is Laravel?

Laravel is a feature-rich web application framework used as a development alternative to standard PHP. Essentially, Laravel is a toolbox of efficient and smart functionality that allows Laravel developers to create a top-end application, offering more flexibility in terms of functionality and design. But with all these features and functions, Laravel development isn’t an easy task.

That’s why you need to make sure you’re working with specialist Laravel developers and designers.

Here at Show + Tell, we know our Spark from our Socialite and have an in-house team highly skilled in Laravel development and design ready to work on your next project.
Why our team USE LARAVEL development?

A newcomer to the development framework world, Laravel offers benefits to developers and clients alike. Here are just some of the reasons to use Laravel for your website or application?

Laravel projects offer a vast amount of flexibility in comparison to the standard alternatives, meaning that it’s the perfect framework for any business that offers niche products or services.
The Laravel platform is also incredibly scalable which makes it ideal for any business with the ambition of growth (which is most businesses out there, right?).
Most enterprise level & ecommerce projects will benefit from Laravel development as it's able to be integrated with the majority of 3rd party PHP APIs and web applications.
Laravel supports integration with various popular cache backends like Redis and Memchached that can help bring down that all-important load time.
The Laravel Application has a thoroughly vetted and guarded codebase and is one of the most secure frameworks out there.
Unit Testing Support
The Laravel platform supports automated testing, which means we can let the developers get on with the actual development and keep costs down.
What kind of sites and applications benefit from being built in Laravel support & development?
Yorkshire Laravel Development Agency

What kind of sites and applications benefit from being built in Laravel support & development?

Because of its flexibility and scalability, Laravel is ideally suited to all kinds of websites and applications. Some of the types of businesses that might get the most out of Laravel are:

→ Ecommerce

→ Multilingual businesses

→ Enterprise level

→ Sites with bespoke systems integration requirements

What are the benefits of Laravel Development

Why Laravel?

What are the benefits of Laravel Development
03Automated testing

I've worked with Charlie and the team at Show + Tell for 6 months now and I've been really impressed by their focus on creativity and attention to detail. They are obsessed with creating the best and most impactful websites possible for their clients.

Beyond Noise

Show + Tell delivered a bespoke Laravel website build following a re-brand. The whole process from discovery, UX, creative and CRO was process led, insightful and deliver on-time. We look forward to building upon the phase 1 project with a CRM integration with Laravel.

Joe Hamilton

Show + Tell redesigned The Ice Co's company website and we were blown away by what they created. We get such great feedback from customers and fans that use it and it really helps show off our products, videos, photography and content. Impression ware also very easy to work with, understood exactly what we wanted and make great suggestions for improvements.

The Ice Co
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