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Show + Tell welcomes another VC client

13 March 2024
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We're thrilled to announce an exciting collaboration with a renowned US-based venture capital firm specialising in healthcare investments. In a strategic move to elevate its digital presence and storytelling capabilities, this VC firm - which for confidentiality clauses we cannot name as yet! - has selected Show + Tell to spearhead the revamp of its brand and website.

Headquartered in the US, this venture capital firm distinguishes itself by focusing on healthcare investments beyond the conventional Biotech scope. Unlike our other clients in the space, such as Omega Funds and Atlas Ventures, which typically invest in early-stage startups, our latest client targets commercially viable businesses in later-stage development.

What’s on the horizon?

The primary goal of this ambitious brand and website overhaul is to enhance the firm's brand perception and overall user experience.

Show + Tell will strategically emphasise key areas such as showcasing the extensive portfolio of companies the venture capital firm has invested in, highlighting significant successes and metrics, and weaving a cohesive and engaging narrative throughout. Strong site performance will be a key driver, naturally, and we’ll be focused on developing a powerful, user-centric and simple-to-use site that showcases the best of this firm’s offerings.

To achieve these objectives, we plan to leverage a headless CMS, utilising a JamStack methodology. This modern approach places the requirements and trends of the modern web at the project's core, ensuring a seamless and dynamic user experience, whilst making content and changes easier to manage for the in-house team, thanks to the nature of implementing a headless CMS.

Key areas of focus:

Brand Transformation: A complete overhaul of the brand to articulate the firm’s expertise and authority in its space to its audience. The result will be engaging and appealing brand assets and an industry-leading website.

JamStack Approach: As JamStack specialists, we’ll be delivering the new site with this approach to result in a faster, more secure and scalable website, built for the modern web.

Sharing Success: A key component of the brand and website overall is communicating the success stories of the scale-ups invested in by the firm, along with their many successes as an organisation.

Content Flexibility: We’ll be introducing a Headless CMS, replacing the firm’s existing CMS set-up, which will empower their in-house team to make changes to content without dev input, dramatically minimising the delays or downtime that can traditionally be a symptom of monolithic systems.

Creative Direction and Collaboration: In addition to the technical aspects, Show + Tell will actively contribute to the creative direction of the venture capital firm's online presence. This includes art direction, supplier selection, and setting standards for the quality of creative content, videos, and photography to align with the firm's strong image, ethos, and values.

A word from our Founder:

Our founder and CEO, Charlie Hartley, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, saying:

“The decision to collaborate with us reflects this venture capital firm's commitment to staying at the forefront of digital innovation in the VC landscape, an area we’re highly experienced in as an agency. We are delighted to be helping them with this transformation and are already working on some exciting aspects behind the scenes. It’ll be thrilling to see it all come together.”

“There is so much to celebrate when it comes to our client's specialisms and successes, and it’s a privilege to help them bring these messages to life in new ways,” Hartley continued.

Stay tuned for an exciting digital transformation that showcases the intersection of innovation and healthcare investment expertise!

If you’re looking to undertake a project of your own, get in touch. We have creative and digital expertise across a range of sectors and are JamStack enthusiasts delivering experiences with impact, so there’s no doubt we’ll be able to help.