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Show + Tell take on the Yorkshire Three Peaks

7 June 2024
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We recently ventured out of the office and out of our comfort zone to conquer the Yorkshire Three Peaks. We embarked on completing the challenge by covering 24 long miles, along the way we clocked up over 550k steps, reached new heights with an elevation of 5200 ft, 16 porkpies consumed, Three peaks climbed and 1 rewarding pint. 

We are so pleased to be able to have completed this challenge and most importantly to have supported and raised money for an incredible charity, Mind in Harrogate District. We collectively raised over £1,000, but we're still welcoming donations below. 

a happy team at the start of a hike

Mind in Harrogate District is just one of over 100 local Minds spread across England & Wales. Each local Mind operates as an autonomous charity, which is why both Show + Tell & Next Chapter have partnered with them to not only raise funds, but also offer ongoing creative & marketing support. 

"Even though 1 in 4 people have mental health problems, most of us don’t get the help we need. This has to change. We’re Mind. We’re here to fight for mental health. For support, for respect, for you." - Mind. 

This in 'Mind' our team found the legs to get through the challenge and we have a few insights from them on how they found the experience and what it meant to them:

What got you through the Three Peaks?

Tim: The main thing that got me through the Three Peaks was knowing that we were all in it together. We were all encouraging each other throughout the day which was a great motivator to keep going!

Alana: Knowing that there was a Chinese takeaway waiting for me at home was what kept me going.

Why do you think it's important to do these types of activities?

Charlie: "Raising money for charity and awareness of issues important to the people of the agency is the primary reason for doing them. Beyond this, challenging ourselves mentally and physically I think is important for personal and team development and if we can have some fun while doing it then that’s a bonus!"

Pippa: "It's great to see how you can work together as a team to push through."

What was your main motivator to get through the challenge?

Hannah: "Completing the full Three Peaks is something I've always wanted to do and now I can say I have!

Pippa: "I've always wanted to do the 3 peaks as I enjoy challenging myself physically and mentally, and the thought of the sense of achievement at the end.

Alana: "The physical and mental achievement of completing the challenge is what kept me going. As well as knowing all the money we raised was going to a good cause."

Funniest moment during the challenge

Charlie: "Filling 10.5 hours of walking with some of the most random chat! Josh’s alphabet game was a highlight even though it’s the kind of game my 9 year old would play; it killed an hour or so!

Pippa: "Seeing the consumption of pork pies at every break."

Tim: "Seeing the sheer amount of pork pies that we managed to consume throughout the day was an achievement in itself. We must have cleared out the entire meal deal aisle of Asda in preparation for this walk."

At Show + Tell & Next Chapter, we couldn't be prouder of the level of commitment from the team to completing the challenge and raising as much money as possible. Our JustGiving page is still open & we welcome any further donations below: