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Show + Tell partners with Mind in Harrogate District

11 March 2024
Show + Tell partners with Mind in Harrogate District
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We’re pleased to announce that Show + Tell, and our sister agency Next Chapter, have established a pro bono partnership with Mind in Harrogate District. 

This collaboration aims to harness the experience of both agencies to bolster the vital work of Mind in Harrogate District, a charity with roots dating back to 1973. Affiliated with National Mind and the wider Mind Federation, Mind in Harrogate District stands as a beacon of support for mental health in Harrogate and nearby.

Mind in Harrogate District is just one of over 100 Local Minds spread across England and Wales. Each Local Mind operates as an autonomous charity, driven and supported by local individuals and dedicated to serving the unique needs of its community. 

The charity offers a range of vital mental health provisions such as telephone support, counselling, befriending, wellbeing groups, rural wellbeing support (within Masham, Pateley Bridge, Ripon, Boroughbridge), support for refugees & asylum seekers and Cost of Living support.

The charity heavily relies on partnerships like ours, along with fundraising (from both individuals and businesses) and running internal operations on a modest budget to ensure the focus is on delivering for those who need its support.

Daniel Swepson, Marketing Director at Next Chapter, led the partnership initiation and stated:

“Both Show + Tell and Next Chapter place significant emphasis on employee wellbeing and prioritise mental health, so our local Mind charity seemed like the natural fit for us to help in 2024 as our charity partner. 
“Whilst Mind in Harrogate District is part of a bigger network, their fundraising is solely their responsibility, and our team are passionate and committed to helping them bolster their efforts with our mix of brand, marketing and digital support.”

This partnership signifies more than just a collaboration or token CSR piece; it represents a shared commitment to mental health advocacy and community empowerment in our region. Through strategic initiatives such as website and digital support, creative and branding, and other marketing support, Show + Tell aims to elevate Mind in Harrogate District’s brand visibility, with the view to raising funds that will help the charity deliver crucial mental health services.  

We’re proud to deliver all of this, plus ad-hoc strategic support as needed, at a time when mental health charities nationwide are busier than ever and NHS waiting lists for support are ever-increasing. 

Holly Astbury, Head of Corporate Partnerships at Mind in Harrogate District, added:

“We are grateful to the Show + Tell and Next Chapter teams for choosing Mind in Harrogate District as their charity partner for the year ahead. We’re looking forward to leaning on and learning from their vast experience and knowledge in branding, digital, creative and marketing to help push the charity forward and help as many people as possible in 2024 and beyond.”

As our work unfolds, there are numerous opportunities for individuals and businesses to get involved and support the cause. Whether through volunteering, fundraising, or spreading awareness about Mind in Harrogate District’s services, every contribution plays a vital role in promoting mental health and well-being, and we’re looking forward to doing our bit. 

Together, we can create a future where everyone has access to the support and resources they need to thrive mentally and emotionally.

Stay tuned for more updates via our blog and social media channels over the coming months.