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Meet the team: Hannah Smith

12 June 2024
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With continuation of our series of Meet the Team, up next is our very own Hannah Smith. Hannah has been with us almost a year now and has been integral to delivering multiple projects and help developing relationship with our clients. We spoke with Hannah and asked a series of questions to give her insight on how she got into project management and background on her personal life.

Let's dive straight in!

When you joined Show + Tell and how long you’ve been in project management total

I joined Show + Tell in July 2023, taking a bit of a leap of faith into Project Management as this role has been my first experience of it, having been in recruitment for 5 years prior.

I'd never really heard of Project Management as a career but as soon as I did I knew it would be the right career path for me. I love being organised, planning things and speaking to different people in my personal life, so once I knew there was a career around this, I was all for it!

What you enjoy about your role and the agency

The thing I enjoy most about my role is the different projects I get to work on and the clients I get to meet because of that, it's such a varied role, from working with property and investment sectors to leisure and even a cathedral.

No day is the same at Show + Tell, and providing your projects run to time and budget you're pretty much given the autonomy to manage them in a way that works best for you - even if that does mean asking developers 1000's of questions a day. Aside from the job, the team here are a great bunch of people, we all get along really well and do plenty of social activities, be it breakfast, after work drinks or fundraising events for charity, it's generally just a fun team to be a part of.

Any fun facts/hobbies about yourself

I'm a total CrossFit nerd. I only started doing CrossFit just under a year ago but I soon became hooked and go down to the gym every day - except Sundays when it's closed, but if I could, I would. It's true what they say about CrossFitters, you definitely have to have a weird mentality to put yourself through that much physical pain and endurance, but as a community it's great fun!

In a past life I also used to be a competitive figure skater, but we can leave the talk of leotards till the next blog!

Favourite projects to be part of:

My favourite project so far has been the recent launch we did of a new website for DTRE, it was my first full experience of managing a project from conception to delivery. I learnt a lot, went on atrip to London, developed internal team relationships and got to put new skillsinto practice working with Payload for the first time. Despite it being a very tight deadline we delivered the project on time, I worked with a great designerand developer on our end and the client contact provided excellent support and insight too. If all projects run as smoothly as that one I'll be amazed.

1 piece of advice for anyone looking to get into a role like yours:

Go for it and be confident. If you really want to get into Project Management you just need to find a place that is willing and able to support you on that journey. Having good organisational, planning, time management and people skills is great but being confident in yourself and your ability to deliver is what brings it all together.