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In_Flux June Session

4 June 2024
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Show + Tell were back in action with another insightful In_Flux Workshop, where we had new proposals and idea's adapted into a complete agenda.

What to expect from a In_Flux session with Show + Tell. This is the opportunity go to Leeds for the day to work from a co-working space, the location this time was Wizu Workspace. We spend the full day away from our normal day-to-day jobs, which tends to be a break from our busy schedules, and have a catch up on exciting work that we've recently done as an agency, any new updates in the business, and we also get oversight on how we are doing in comparison to our business targets. We usually go for lunch together, and then in the afternoon do a creative session - In_Flux - where we work with different members of the team on tasks to broaden our horizons.

This time, Tim Ingall, Pippa Holman and Aofie Robinson were in the hot seat, to present projects and get the creative cogs turning.

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Tim, Project Manager

First up was Tim Ingall, who's presentation followed an idea of who could create 'The Worst Possible Idea'. Within this session we were put into groups of 4 and given a brief.

Whilst the teams defiantly smashed coming up with some of the worst idea's there is a lot of take aways from why these sessions work so well.

Encourages Creative Thinking:

At Show + Tell we want employees to break free from conventional thinking patterns and explore more unconventional and creative solutions.

It can lead to a more open-minded approach where employees feel free to think outside the box without fear of judgment.

Improves Problem-Solving Skills:

We want to open the fall to debates and discussion to why an idea is bad. This helps the team better understand the problem and identify key challenges or limitations.

Enhances Team Collaboration:

Group participation in a playful and non-judgmental setting can strengthen team bonds and improve communication, we want everyone to contribute equally without the pressure of coming up with the "perfect" idea.

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Sparks Innovation:

Sometimes, exploring the worst ideas can accidentally lead to discovering a good idea that might have been overlooked!

In summary, a "worst possible idea" workshop can be a powerful tool for fostering creativity, reducing the fear of failure, improving problem-solving skills, enhancing collaboration, sparking innovation, and promoting a positive and engaging work culture.

Pippa Holman, Senior Digital Designer

Next up we had Pippa who introduced our 'Impossi' Workshop. The brief was to build a creative product pitch using a random word from each of these categories; Emotion, Object and Adjectives. 

The team were separated into 3 groups of 3 and we had 30 minutes to make a 'Dragons’ Den' style pitch to see if we could strike a business deal with the other teams; but we only had 2 minutes to secure the interest.  


Stimulates Creativity: 


Emotion: Incorporating an emotion word can add depth and relatability to the pitch, encouraging the team to think about how the product can affect users' feelings.  

Object: Introducing an object word can anchor the pitch in a tangible concept, sparking ideas on how the product can be designed, used, or marketed. 

Adjectives: Using an adjective can set a specific tone or quality for the product, guiding the team to envision unique characteristics or features. 


Encourages Out-of-the-Box Thinking: 

The randomness forces participants to step out of their usual thought patterns and explore unconventional ideas, leading to innovative solutions and concepts. 


Improves Problem-Solving Skills 

By integrating seemingly unrelated words, teams can develop skills in connecting disparate ideas, enhancing their ability to think critically and solve problems creatively. 


Fosters Team Collaboration: 

Key motives we wanted from this exercise was to encourage teamwork and communication as participants discuss and build upon each other's ideas. 



Aoife Robinson, Digital Marketing Executive 

Our Digital Marketing Executive, Aoife Robinson finished the day off with a hands-on task to get the creative mindset flowing. We were tasked with sculpting an animal or food of our choice out of clay.  


Whilst the teams smashed coming up with some of the worst ideas, there are a lot of take aways from why these sessions work so well.  


Overall, these workshop help bring the team together and help build unity, culture, and togetherness.  


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