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A Sustainable Journey: Branding for the Future

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Ingå Group is the food ingredients division of Novax AB, the investment company of the Axel Johnson Group. The Axel Johnson Group, founded in 1873, is a renowned €10 billion revenue company, and it is currently owned and run by the 4th and 5th generations of the Swedish Johnson family. Ingå Group's mission is to invest in sustainable food ingredients businesses that deliver healthy and sustainable food solutions.
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Sowing Sustainability, Reaping Success

Show + Tell was approached by the Ingå Group, a division of Novax AB within the Axel Johnson Group, to develop a comprehensive brand identity and lead generation website for their portfolio of food ingredients businesses. The goal was to create a modern and cohesive brand identity that would reflect their commitment to healthy and sustainable food while also generating leads for their various business entities, including Ulrick & Short and Louis François.

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Cultivating excellence

How We Nurtured 
Ingå Group's Brand
Uncovering the Path to Success

Show + Tell began by conducting a thorough analysis of Ingå Group's values, mission, and target audience. We collaborated closely with the Ingå Group team to define their unique selling points and establish a brand strategy that would resonate with their stakeholders. This strategy centred on themes of sustainability, innovation, and quality.

Crafting a Visionary Look

With the brand strategy in place, we moved on to crafting a visual identity that would effectively convey these core values. We created a logo that symbolised growth, sustainability, and the interconnectedness of the Ingå Group's various businesses. The colour palette was carefully chosen to evoke freshness and health.

Building Tomorrow, Today

To ensure Ingå Group's online presence aligned with their brand identity and business objectives, we designed and developed a lead generation website. The website featured:

• Clear Messaging: Engaging and informative content that highlighted the group's commitment to sustainability and its various business entities.

• User-Friendly Interface: An intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface that allowed visitors to explore the group's offerings effortlessly.

• Contact Forms: Multiple strategically placed contact forms to encourage inquiries and lead generation.

• Case Studies: Highlighted success stories and case studies showcasing Ingå Group's contributions to sustainable food.

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