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Transforming Intellectual Property Management through Cutting-Edge Digital Innovation

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Equinox is a renowned provider of innovative intellectual property management software and services for law firms and corporations worldwide. As a part of the Questel Group, they are among the leading global providers of intellectual property solutions.

Wanting to enhance its online presence and create a modern, user-friendly website that would effectively showcase its cutting-edge intellectual property management software and services. The goal was to attract and engage intellectual property professionals seeking reliable solutions for managing their IP portfolios.
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The solution

From Vision to Reality

Show + Tell, a creative web design and development agency, took on the challenge of revamping Equinox's online presence. The primary objective was to design and develop a WordPress website that would not only reflect Equinox's position as an industry leader but also provide an engaging and informative experience for visitors

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What we delivered

Crafting Excellence
Research and Analysis: Unveiling the Blueprint for Success

In the initial phase of this transformative project, Show + Tell embarked on an exhaustive journey of research and analysis. Our team delved deep into Equinox's industry, dissecting market trends, competitive landscapes, and the intricacies of intellectual property management. Through comprehensive audience research, we uncovered the unique selling points that would set Equinox apart in a crowded digital arena.

Weaving innovation into design

With a treasure trove of insights in hand, we set out to craft a design that would captivate Equinox's audience while conveying professionalism and innovation. Every pixel was meticulously placed to create a bespoke website design that resonated with Equinox's branding. The result? A digital masterpiece that seamlessly integrated Equinox's unique identity into the WordPress platform.

Development: Building a Digital Fortress

Underpinning the visually stunning design and informative content is a robust digital infrastructure. We leveraged cutting-edge web development technologies to construct a responsive WordPress website with an intuitive content management system. This ensured that Equinox's team could seamlessly update and maintain the site, empowering them to take control of their digital presence.

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