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New Client Alert: DTRE

26 January 2024
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We are thrilled to announce that Show + Tell has welcomed DTRE as a new client. 

DTRE is a prominent property consultancy based in London, focusing on investment, leasing and development in this diverse sector. The firm is currently undergoing a repositioning piece and, as part of its transformation journey, is embarking on a visual identity update and relaunch of its website, and has selected Show + Tell to lead on this.

What's on the horizon?

Our primary objective is to reinvent DTRE's online presence by relaunching the website, and effectively communicating the brand’s new positioning and overall business offering with a user-centric, cutting-edge site, designed for the modern web. 

It should be no surprise to anyone familiar with our work, given we’re JamStack specialists, that we’ll be leading with this approach to get the best performance possible. Intelligent search functionality and Industry-specific integrations are also hugely important, so our team will be working hard to ensure a fast, highly relevant search functionality on the site, along with a seamless integration with Agency Insights. 

We’re striving for an engaging, simple-to-use (but powerful!) site that effectively communicates DTRE’s unique value proposition, and coherently communicates their story.

We’re no strangers to the Property sector and understand the various challenges and opportunities within the industry, and we’re more than confident our expertise and experience in this area will serve us well in this exciting project.

Key Areas of Focus:

Website Transformation: A complete overhaul to create a visually appealing and strategically aligned website.

Visual Identity Update: Implementation of a refreshed visual identity across the website.

Functionality Enhancement: Improving the property search functionality and integrating with Agency Insights for enhanced performance.

Content Flexibility: Empower DTRE's marketing and contact teams with a flexible content editing approach via a Headless CMS.

SEO Optimisation: Implementing on-page SEO strategies to boost brand awareness and online visibility.

At Show + Tell, we are passionate about creating experiences with impact. If you’re looking to undertake a new web project, or are seeking expert help with your rebrand, digital products or marketing, why not give us a shout? We’d love to hear from you.